Real Prices, Never Misleading

Warning: Don't be fooled by our competitors'
"low" prices. Other dealers are posting "low" prices
that you can't actually get.

If you see a price that's too good to be true, it probably is.

Please be advised that some dealers in other parts of Virginia are posting "low-ball" prices that seem to good to be true. The fact is, these dealers are posting misleading prices by including rebates and incentives that most people do not qualify for, and in some cases are combining rebates that (by manufacturer policy) cannot be combined to show a lower price. There are even some Nissan dealers in the far-Eastern and Northern part of the state who are including rebates that do not even exist for the model advertised, just to confuse you and get you in their door.

These practices are not only misleading and deceptive, they are unfair to you, the customer. Don't drive hours away to another dealer just to find out the deal you thought you could get, never existed in the first place. Don't get fooled by confusing rebates!

At First Team, you never have to worry about misleading low prices.

For over 25 years the folks at First Team have prided ourselves on our honesty, integrity, and the ability to offer extremely low prices to our customers without resorting to misleading, unfair or deceptive tactics.

Our iMVP (internet Market Value Pricing) means that everyone gets the same low price, and the price you see on the web is the price you'll see on the lot. We use the latest technology to search for all incentives possible, to make sure you get a fair price...a price that's right for you!

We post our prices legally, credibly and properly. We don't include special rebates (like college grad or military) in our final iMVP price, and list the "if you qualify" price separately and clearly so there are never any misunderstandings.

We believe in giving you a fast, friendly, and above all fair buying experience. That's why at First Team, we show you the breakdown of exactly how we get from MSRP to our iMVP Lowest Price, clearly and honestly.

Have you found a deal that seems too good to be true from another dealer?
We at First Team are committed to making sure you get a fair deal, wherever you shop. We will even help you to decipher and understand those "unbelievable" deals that other dealers are claiming, to make sure you're eligible for all the rebates and incentives they are advertising.

Never Overpay - Buy The First Team Way!

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